Fantech Abrasives Cutting Disc T41 5 inch,125mm


Product Code: CD-5-1


Easily cut carbon and stainless steels with one disc. Made from premium abrasive grains, top quality fiberglass reinforcements and top of the line fully automated equipment.

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Product Description:

Product Application:

  • Depressed center wheel is resin-bonded abrasive tool with special fiber reinforcement mesh bearing high tensile strength, shocking and bending.
  • It is made of A,WA,C and mixed abrasives. Its operating speed can reach to 80 m/s.
  • Application: Depressed center wheels are usually mounted on portable angle grinders for off-hand grinding.They are widely used for finishing welds and joints, removing burrs and fragments as well as for dressing metal surface defects in automobile, ship building, machinery build line, metallurgy and chemical industries

Cutting disc for metal and stainless steel:

Material: Aluminum oxide
Type: T41
Application: Applied with angle grinder tool.
Work Surface For use on ferrous metals, alloyed and unalloyed steels, cast iron, stainless steel.